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Hi. You're listening to Terry Telford, and were very lucky to have the opportunity to talk to Dan Lok who is a master copywriter. Dan has produced 17.3 million dollars worth of sales for his clients and he's created a website called quickturnmarketing.com. This website is basically a giant swipe file for anybody who wants examples of top-notch professional copywriting.
Dan's strategies have actually helped hundreds of small businesses in 39 different industries to increase their sales as much as 417%. Dan's also a publisher and co-author of The Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets of the World's Greatest Copywriters. Dan's also writing more books that are coming up in the very near future; you should keep an eye out to see what he's coming up with.
He also produces an audio series called Wizard Talk, which is basically a who's who of super savvy marketing and business personalities. This is an absolutely fantastic product as well. So without further ado, you won't hear much more from me, I'd like to welcome you Dan and thank you very much for being here today.
Hi Terry! I'm excited to be with you.
Me too buddy, me too. We have a lot to cover Dan, so I think well just jump right into the conversation. Maybe we can start out with your background; how you started out, where you came from and how you got into this marketing business.
Sure, I moved from Hong Kong to North America years ago with no money, no connections, and not a word of the English language on my lips. If you couldn't tell from my thick accent, English is not my first language. Some people say that I sound like William from American Idol. I don't know, I think I'm better looking than him. But he's a better singer than me, though. So, I had to learn English from scratch. I started my first business when I was 16 years old with my friend mowing lawns for people in my neighborhood. The business went extremely well except that we didn't have any clients.
On and off I would start a business and it would fail very quickly. I was in the vending machine business, I was in multi-level marketing, I was in the retail business, and at one point I was importing toys from Asia and I was doing all kinds of stuff. I was losing so much money in my business ventures that I had to borrow money from my friends and family just to survive.